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Ethicon Prolene sutur

Ethicon Prolene suture

Suture description:

-        Monofilament synthetic absorbable.

-        For smooth passage through tissue.

-        For minimal tissue reaction.

-        Provides permanent tensile strength retention in tissue.


-        Blue or clear


-        10-0 to 2 (USP).

-        Supplied as needled sutures, armed with, for example, EVERPOINT* Tungsten-Rhenium needles, VISI-BLACK* needles, MULTIPASS* needles or CC-needles.

-        Also avaible with pledgets.

-        PROLENE*-sutures are also avaible as HEMO-SEAL*, with suture diameter to needle diameter ratio close to 1.

-        HEMO-SEAL* is particularly useful in reducing needle hole leakage (for example in synthetic vascular grafts).


-         PROLENE*-sutures are intended for use in general soft tissue approximation and/or ligation, including use in cardiovascular, ophthalmic and neurosurgical procedures.

Typical areas of use include:

-        Cardiovascular anastomoses.

-        Subcuticular sutures.

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